Orthopaedic Associates

Out with the old. In with the now.

Orthopaedic Associates, Southern Maine’s leading provider of orthopaedic care, had been limping along with their existing website for over a decade. They were more than ready to have a website that matched their level of service and quality. OA needed to reach and serve a variety of audiences across many demographics. And they needed it yesterday.

No stone unturned.

After thoughtful discussions with OA’s marketing team, and working closely with one of their ad agencies, we heard that OA’s clients value their close, trusting relationships with their physicians and therapists. We recommended a strategy of presenting staff members in attractive photos with casual settings, making OA’s team feel more approachable and less intimidating to clients looking for caregivers they can count on. The team went straight to work re-crafting every chunk of copy into succinct prose for the modern user. From there, we dug into OA’s giant library of post-surgical care resources for patients and staff, indexing, sorting, and streamlining their content until it was perfect, intuitive, and pleasant to use.

The right site.

The new site is a transformative leap forward in look, feel, and overall performance for Orthopaedic Associates. Engagement and traffic are way up, and the library of resources is reaching the users it’s intended to help with the right information. Stakeholders far and wide are thrilled with a rich site that works on all devices and platforms, upholding the standard of service set by the rest of the organization.


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