Learning Skills Academy

The Power of Personal Attention

Learning Skills Academy had been quietly changing the lives of children with learning disabilities since 1985. We toured the campus in Rye, New Hampshire, and found one of the most engaging, dynamic learning facilities we’ve ever seen.

At LSA, we saw what happens when students are empowered to reach their unique potential. Each student at this this independent, not-for-profit day school gets a learning program tailored to their multi-faceted academic, social, and organizational strengths and needs. We were deeply moved by the challenges these students had overcome, and knew this was a story we needed to tell.

Learning, Enabled.

The old site was fifteen years old, and its look and usability were way behind the times. We focused on visual design that would work across mobile platforms, and organized the content so users would be drawn into the story and able to reach the admissions team quickly when they felt ready to learn more.

The nature of LSA’s work requires tremendous discretion, and traditional marketing, especially a hard sell, wasn’t the right approach or fit for their brand. We needed to tell their story directly, in the genuine voices of the students and families who had benefited from their LSA experience—without compromising confidentiality.

Our design process focused on choosing professional photos that capture the spirit and passion we saw every day at LSA. The school’s intake process for new students is high touch, direct, and personal, so we worked to streamline the user experience for prospective families, getting them the information and contact they need faster.

The result is a site that has rejuvenated the brand. Families get a stronger and more accurate sense of what Learning Skills Academy is all about, and they’re encouraged to dig deeper on every page. LSA’s website now matches its identity—a thoughtful, professional, and special place for families to learn and thrive.


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