Green Clean Maine

A better business deserves better leads.

Joe Walsh, a Tugboat client since 2006, came to us with a well-developed, popular brand, but the old website wasn’t keeping pace with their progress. Green Clean Maine was getting leads, but customers were working too hard to get simple questions answered—which burdened Joe’s staff unnecessarily.

Keeping up with customers.

We studied the company’s digital traffic and discovered that demand from mobile devices was rising dramatically, but users were getting frustrated and leaving the site. We also learned from customer service staff that they were answering the same questions over and over. We knew we’d make a big difference by empowering the customer to find more answers up front on Green Clean Maine’s homepage—even from their phones.

If you build it, they will come.

We looked at Green Clean’s estimate process and found a cumbersome set of algorithms that slowed down the process of answering the simplest questions. Working closely with Joe, we boiled things down to a simple, attractive survey, allowing prospective customers the ability to see the important details and build their own estimate instantly.

As a result, Joe’s phone rings less often, but the calls his team fields are stronger leads that have increased business with more satisfied customers. The site helped to set expectations for service and transparency high from the beginning, positioning Green Clean Maine as a responsive, customer-focused brand that pays attention to detail.


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