Tugboat builds content-driven websites that solve problems and enrich brands.

We have the experience to analyze your unique scenario, the passion to seek out the right ideas, and the skill to execute your point of view online in ways that boost awareness, increase conversions, and inspire stakeholders. We start from scratch and don’t take shortcuts with themes or prefab templates. Our sites are built to be future-proof, to adapt, and to last.

Everyone appreciates great design, but your audience comes to your website looking for answers. We deliver clear, actionable insights about who your audience is, what they are looking for, and how your site can make their lives better. Mirroring your customer’s journey helps us to create intelligent, flexible experiences that engage, inform, and delight.

We work with brands that we believe in–and value our relationships with clients above all else. Our process is a conversation, not a prescription, and we’re committed to fostering productive, thoughtful, and exciting strategy sessions that elevate your vision and allow us to deliver the results you deserve.


Sam Giberson

Sam Giberson

Sam is an accomplished front-end developer who builds enriching and engaging digital experiences that anticipate the inherent flexibility of the Web. His work is grounded in an advanced understanding of the HTML and CSS that make sites work seamlessly across endlessly iterating devices, browsers, and platforms. Sam has a keen eye for the design details that elevate strong development, and he’s an expert at building responsive experiences with custom animations that reinforce messaging and get results.

But don’t let his deep nerd credentials fool you—Sam’s an ace collaborator. He loves tackling projects that bridge the gaps between brands and human behaviors, creating real demand in the rapidly shifting sea of tech innovation. A firm believer that developers are critical to the design process from day one, he’s involved with clients from the outset—so you’re able to not just imagine an elegant solution, but build it together.

Steve Darnley

Steve Darnley

Steve is Tugboat’s lead strategist, designer, and project manager, with rich experience building brands from the client side, agency side, and as chief of his own agency. He’s steered hundreds of projects through the right channels, balancing client objectives and audience expectations. His work focuses on the research, strategy, and planning stages of projects, including scoping, discovery, information architecture, user flow, and visual design.

Clients count on Steve to make sound, trustworthy recommendations based on his rich understanding of how people experience brands online. He’s passionate about demystifying the design process by asking the right questions, respecting and elevating your expertise, and challenging you to make your investment in digital solutions the best it can be. Steve answers his phone when it rings, and he’s always at inbox zero—seriously.


We’re a deliberately small shop. When the work calls for more brainpower, we call on a select crew of specialists. From copywriting, digital marketing, SEO, motion graphics, and back-end engineering, we’re able to provide a dedicated team for almost any website design project.